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What's the stance on fondling, heavy petting, making out, and so on, where is the line drawn? Anything beyond that, even only implied, is inappropriate for this wiki.

Imagine the great stories she must have when she get home; Husband: You are commenting using your Twitter account. Lesbian sex in the beach. Your input is appreciated. What happened to you Applejack? Do not edit the contents of this page. Mlp naked sex. I'm not here to see things like Juan's avatar, which I had meant to say something about. Hahaha, can't even hold my pen AppleJon - Talk I believe that unless the image is openly complained about, or literally violates the ToU explicitly, no action should or shall be taken.

I might have to try it. As a public service to the Bronies out there, please note that not all Bronies are Cloppers. Lyra taught me this… Lyra also taught me the best way to wash day-old semen out of felt and polyester. Since when has kissing become some taboo sort of pornographic image? Sunset Shimmer by Eduardo-Rivera. Top adult xxx. Please enter a valid date format mm-dd-yyyy. Views 2, Favourites who? It doesn't matter how "sexy" one might describe a picture, until acts of a pornographic nature occur in the visible image, it is NOT sexual conduct.

Perhaps you had sex at some point and now are imprisoned with children that make you spend hundreds of dollars on God-damn pony toys or perhaps you were smart enough to use protection. We want a smooth experience people, get this right!

This is a wiki for the show, not, well, 4chan or whatever imageboard. Unfortunately this is a very thorny issue and it's incredibly hard to address the issue on a wiki about a show for little girls. How are young boys supposed to resist being turned on by that?

Sign In Don't have an account? What makes some drawings sexual is the posing, setting, and type of clothes used. That generally works for me. Games Movies TV Wikis. That girl was destined to be a stripper at the very least.

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Previous 1 2 Next. So why not tell me what you think the final verdict should be on the sex dolls, clopping or MLP in general? I'd like to clarify my view of "sexual conduct" and get input from other contributors. Fuck local milfs free. I've never done drunk drawing before This review is absolutely not for children and contains a few pictures that are NSFW.

I support limiting content to what the show will depict. Mlp naked sex. AppleJon - Talk Perhaps you or your children are a fan of our equestrian heroes or alternatively, you may despise the series, based on the fact it is popular, or for an actually valid reason. Do you think he has reached the point of hating nipples so much where he can no longer have sex with a woman unless her shirt is on rather than off?

In short, anything beyond thisvisually or conceptually, is inappropriate. I have worked in call centers before and I can only imagine the types of pony sex-toy calls I would have to answer…. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: There they wait until the whistle blows and a wave of rubber ponies with their legs spread open park themselves in front of their face so they can dutifully paint all the wonderful details that make the vagina oh-so magical.

Woah, looks like someone is eager for some quality time It doesn't matter how "sexy" one might describe a picture, until acts of a pornographic nature occur in the visible image, it is NOT sexual conduct.

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It all depends on how you think until the accusation is proven in an explicit way. Seriously the thought of your woman giving you some lovin after a long day would be so romantic.

Twilight dressed up S1E You are commenting using your Twitter account. Naked indian women bathing. Live the dream … of playing with girl toys…. I'm not here to see things like Juan's avatar, which I had meant to say something about. Dressing like a whor-se and turning tricks so you can afford to get your unhealthy apples and oats fix? Have a nice day. Shadow, we've always blocked people whose profiles are in violation of the rules. Will you hold me? The only time I have ever seen a need to ban someone for sexual conduct is if they are being fully explicit and pornographic in what they say and how they act, which is basically what you said in "outright depiction of sexual conduct".

Once finished, the buzzer signals that the pony moves down the assembly line and before they can take a breath, a new featureless pony vagina parks itself in front of their face again. These dolls are custom-made by clopping fans, for clopping fans, and if you like you can get the blueprints for how to design your own as well at Big Sexy Plush.


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